Health insurance

Briefly, The University of virginia's hard-waiver HEALTH INSURANCE program seeks to ensure that all international students have adequate health insurance coverage to avoid being under-insured while studying at the University.

The program is similar to hard-waiver programs implemented at many other institutions in the United States.

The yearly insurance cost works out to be $2,125.00(U.S.)(applicable between August 15, 2007, through August 14, 2008). You can avoid it if you can demonstrate to
Department of Student Health that you have other health insurance
that meets the University's specific coverage requirements. To determine
whether you have comparable coverage, you must complete a waiver
application by going to the site administered by The Chickering Group at

Graduate students:

It is usually the norm that department in which the graduate students are admitted takes responsibility to cover for the student's insurance but it is expected that you check with the concerned departmental personnel in this regard. If you cant find them, you can write to Student Health at or call them up at (434) 243-2702. If you qualify for departmental health insurance, enroll yourself under gradaute student subsidy in the above website.

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