Volunteer with ISI

Help other internationals have a great transition to the US! Say “thank you” by making ISI better! …

Get involved by volunteering and leading in the ISI group — ISI runs best when students are involved and there are lots of ways you can be involved more than just showing up to events. There’s a team of students who are looking for volunteers to help with events, computer expertise with our various web communication tools, photography, and many other possibilities. See the form below to sign up to be a volunteer or email us for more info on getting involved.

  • Be a greeter — you’ll be the first welcoming face at an ISI event and make sure each newcomers don’t “slip through the cracks” and get overlooked
  • Be a driver — help get students to ISI events, pick new students up from the airport, help with rides to Walmart… after all, Cville is a difficult place to navigate without a car!
  • Help with Set-up and Clean-up — make sure ISI events run smoothly by helping with all the set-up that’s involved
  • Contribute News Articles to the ISI website — tell everyone how much fun that last ISI trip was or update the ISI community with important info
  • Share Your Pictures — be the great photographer that you are and then share your photos on our Flickr site or on Facebook