Where can I find inexpensive dental work?

“I have a toothache–I know what I would do in my home country, but what’s the best way to handle this situation while here in the U.S.?  Where can I get inexpensive dental care?”  Many students have asked me… Read More

Can’t wait to meet friends from your country

The following link can be considered as a comprehensive lead to finding various country organisations.

Health insurance

Briefly, The University of virginia's hard-waiver HEALTH INSURANCE program seeks to ensure that all international students have adequate health insurance coverage to avoid being under-insured while studying at the University.

Money Issues

Bank Accounts.  Set up savings and checking accounts at a bank for your money for safekeeping and to access services such as writing checks or using the Automated Teller Machine (ATM).  Consult the representatives at the bank regarding… Read More