Safety in “C’ville”

    C'ville is a pretty safe place. However we still need to take of care ourselves. Here are some safety tips adapted from UVa police website…

Walking at night
•    Avoid walking alone at night. Use the Safe Ride Service or walk with friends.

About the detail of Safe Ride Service, please refer to

•    Know the Grounds. Find out what buildings are open late where you can summon help if needed.
•    If walk alone, tell a friend where you are going and when you will return.
•    Stay alert. Keep your mind on your surroundings.
•    Use the Blue Light Phones located throughout the Grounds.

Fire Safety
•    Activate the fire alarm if you detect a fire in a building.
•    Exit by the nearest stairway.
•    Call 911 or use a Blue Light Phone to notify emergency personnel.
•    Attempt to extinguish the fire only if you can do so safely.
•    Learn the locations of the emergency exits and fire equipment.
•    Always exit the building in the event of a fire alarm.

Party Safety. Remember that partying can be safe AND fun, if you take precautions early so that you aren’t sorry later.

•    Let your neighbors know how long the celebration will last.
•    Follow all local fire laws.
•    In the event of an emergency, call 911.

Other Links
•    University of Virginia Police Department
•    Women’s Center Sexual and Domestic Violence Service
•    Charlottesville VA Crime Statistics (2005 Crime Data)

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