ISI Staff

Steve Braintwain
(434) 953-4455

Steve is campus director for ISI in Charlottesville.  He grew up in Virginia and graduated from UVA in Education. He has taught and been a principal in some of the surrounding schools. He joined ISI staff in 2005 and really enjoys working with students from all over the world and helping them whenever possible. He also likes traveling and hiking in the mountains. He cannot sing and does not play an instrument, but enjoys people who do! 


Patrick Flynn

Patrick studied Civil Engineering at UVA and has been on staff with International Students Inc since 1999.  Patrick grew up right here in Virginia and enjoys studying & performing the traditional music of his home state and is a member of the Charlottesville & University Symphony Orchestra.  He also loves being a dad!


 Patrick Flying Patrick with upright bass


Christy Lynn Flynn
Christy-lynn (otherwise known as CL) married her cool husband in 2002.  She loves being the mom of four cool children!  CL grew up in Richmond, got her Bachelor’s in Communications at UVA, and then completed her Masters in Elementary Education, also at THE university (UVA).  After spending a year teaching English in Shanghai, she joined ISI staff, where she’s been for the last 18 years. 


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