Culture Shock

Dear internationals! You are going to be on board for a totally NEW experience!

means ” Not previously experienced or encountered; Recently arrived or established in a place, position, or relationship “. You may already have expected that things will be different in the United States from your home country; however, are you prepared to deal with those changes and differences?

At the very beginnings after you get here. You probably may feel unsure and uncomfortable about many things. You may find that people have different values, and NEW ways of doing things. You may feel that everything has changed. You might feel lonely….

However, please do not be upset about this situation. In fact, all of these things may contribute to Culture Shock.

To minimize the shock, we, at ISI, have some suggestions for you.

1)     It is important to identify NEW sources of support.

When you are here, you definitely miss your family and friends, you definitely want to keep in touch with them – But it is the time to meet new people and make new friends!! Moreover, if you are too shy to meet people at first, you can contact relatives or friends who live in the States, to ask for their help and advice.

And of course, ISI is a very important NEW source to you!!

We are very glad to help all the international students. Whenever you need any help, please do not forget us!

You can contact us by email:

And keep yourself update by checking our website frenquently.

2)     Always remember to accept the diversity and respect to one another. 

In U.S., you will encounter a big diversity. People from all over the world are coming here. You might meet someone who has different habits and life values from you. Please to be friendly, and respect the culture difference. Always remember: “If you respect others, you will get respecter from them as well.”

3)     Be ready for the various activities! 

Enjoy jogging, playing chess, watching football game, or cheering for your favorite basketball team.

Be prepared to make yourself “Americanized” =)

Furthermore, ISI always has Bi-weekly activities for international students. You can see the schedule here

Come to join us!

4) Make sure that you are able to come for the orientation.

Of course, you can not miss the orientation sessions for new students within the first few days before classes begin. It is a good way to help you get familiar with your new surroundings and meet new friends. 

5) Get help from the Professionals!

To get support an academic advisor or psychological counseling centers. They are pros! They have been trained to work with people just like you — to discuss the types of NEW challenges you face. Link for Counseling and Psychological Services in UVA:

Above all,

“Most significantly, be prepared to open yourself to the NEW experiences, new people; always be prepared to learn!”

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