Blue Ridge Tunnel Hike

You are invited to Hike Blue Ridge Tunnel with us. The Blue Ridge Tunnel Trail provides a unique opportunity for history and enjoyable outdoor activity. The journey through the lengthy, dark tunnel is thrilling, making it different from other walks. The Blue Ridge Tunnel is 4,273 feet long, about 0.8 miles. Generally rated as easy, the hike usually takes 2 hours of walking at a comfortable pace. The temperature inside the tunnel is consistently 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (11-18 degrees Celsius). The trail east of the tunnel is generally level, while the western half includes steeper sections. The tunnel is not lit. Everyone is encouraged to bring a flashlight or headlamp. 

After the hike, we will go to Hibachi Grill for a late lunch (cost is ~$15/person)

Meet at UVA Clock Tower at 9:30 AM
Get back to UVA around 3:30 PM


What to Bring: Bottled water, snacks, a Waterproof outer layer, Hiking boots or athletic shoes, and Flashlight. Feel free to invite other international students or scholar friends.

Language Partners

Hope you’re having a great day!

ISI loves to match international students and visiting scholars with local American volunteers to practice conversational English. These volunteers are well trained, culturally sensitive, nice people, and they are excellent at helping your English jump to the next level 🙂

Your Language Partner will meet with you to practice conversational English, help with any grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation questions you have, and discuss interesting topics related to your home culture, American culture, faith, food, the bible, family, society, and academics.

Language Partners can meet online or in person. They usually meet for one hour once per week, as it works for both parties.

Click here to let us know you would like to be matched with a Language Partner.

What is ISI about?

International Student Inc (ISI) serves international students, scholars, and their families in Charlottesville… helping them adjust to their new setting and make American friends.

ISI is a Christian organization and you will see by attending our events that students from all religious backgrounds, all ethnic groups, all countries are welcome and become active participants in ISI. We hope you will be one of them.

We organize fun activities and trips, offer bible discussion groups, and free dinners. We provide a sensitive and caring community where friendships can thrive.

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Cell Phone Scam

Be careful not to be scammed when making a deal through Craigslist or email.  Here’s a note I received from my friend today.  He is a UVA grad student:

My friend broke her phone several weeks ago.  I saw an email from someone selling a phone, so I forwarded this email to her to see if she is interested. It turned out she decided to buy this phone, so we met that guy and paid him in cash. However, when we came home, we found out the iPhone cannot be activated because it is reported lost and locked. It means this phone might be stolen from others and we cannot use it anymore.  We tried to contact him. His phone number is listed as unknown so I cannot call back. Then I emailed him, he said he would give me the Apple ID and password to unlock the phone soon. But I did not get any message from him since then. We have called the police, Apple, and AT&T to help, but got no response yet.

Housing: Finding a Place to Live near UVA

Are you looking for information about how to find the best room or apartment near UVA?  Here are the details about “on grounds” and “off grounds” housing…

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When and How Much to Tip at a restaurant or in other situations

When do Americans tip?  How much?  You might be surprised at the differences between American tipping habits and those of your own home culture.  Get the quick answers right here:

TRUE Leadership

Just wanted to share a little something I wrote about our TRUE Leadership Retreat.. Comments welcome 

TRUE Leadership