Housing: Finding a Place to Live near UVA

Are you looking for information about how to find the best room or apartment near UVA?  Here are the details about “on grounds” and “off grounds” housing…

Short-term Temporary Housing

Almost all apartments in Charlottesville operate with a year-long lease.  So that makes it more difficult to find short-term housing.  Hotels are expensive–they are best for stays of one week or less.  Here are some suggestions to help… Read More

Best Places to Get Furniture

Inexpensive used furniture or household goods can be found at: http://charlottesville.craigslist.org/ Thrift stores – a great place to buy used furniture             + The Salvation Army store at 604 Cherry Ave is the easiest place to start (434) 979-523             +… Read More

Utilities: Getting Your Place Connected

Cell Phones, Electricity, Water, Heat, and more…